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INTERRUPTIONSa life, a death, pizza, dancing and Murphy’s Law


A serio-comic look at the plight of Bob, a recent young widower, dealing with the death and celestial presence of his beloved wife, Linda. He is aided unexpectedly by Zolton, a loony pizza salesman (or is he?) and Nancy, his amorous and concerned sister-in-law. Further attempts to advance his road to recovery are offered by the slightly askew chums at his weekly support group. Bob is given “permission” to grieve, and therefore, get well, as he maneuvers through a succession of “Murphy’s Laws.”

(Full-length: 2:15 with intermission)

Comic drama

3 men, 6 women (with doubling)



ON HOLD: The MYTH of Male Maturity


A new one-person play, written and originally performed by Gary Young.

Is there such a thing as male maturity? Can you sum up a life and fix everything with one phone call to a pop psychologist? Five characters tackle this while on the telephone, on hold, waiting to speak to a radio pop-psychologist. We gather a bit of insight and have some fun as we nurture this man through his own “stuff.”

Full length (75 minutes)

One-person (solo) show

1 man

Excerpt from ON HOLD




On a cruise ship, the wrong person dies, the wrong person takes charge, the wrong jewels are stolen, and the wrong person has to disappear. A family business – stealing from the rich and, well, keeping it. Dad is the brains behind the schemes, and this one is a dilly.  The family boards a cruise ship prior to its departure, while many of the staterooms are more vulnerable.  Not without its dangers, the scheme could be brilliant, since the family would be ashore and the boat would sail before any real loss could be perceived, and after the time when anything could be done about it…in theory.  A scheme is only as good as the schemer and the ones carrying out the scheme, plus the unforeseen variables – such as the sudden death of the brains of the outfit.  Dad dies after the plunder and before the get-away.  The problem becomes: what to do with dad and how to figure out what to do with the goods that the family has stolen from a Mafia Kingpin in the stateroom adjacent to their staging area.  And just what is in that steamer trunk?



4 men, 4 women (2 of the men and 2 of the women can be done as off-stage voices)

Excerpt from I’M A SHOE


HOLDING ON: the Mythology and Impossibility of Death


A new work in progress, not to be confused with the one-person show, ON HOLD. Physics, quantum physics, metaphysics, spirituality, hope, the unknown, religion, and snow cones.


90 minutes