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Books by Kathy Young

Six stories for children ages 2 – 5. 
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 Farfel, the Fat, Fluffy Cat –

Dreamed of the nine different lives that he could supposedly have,
only to realize that he was content just being a fat, fluffy, lazy cat.
This book targets age 3-6.


Farfel was a fluffy cat
Who had a big fat tummy.
He loved to eat all the time.
All food looked so yummy.

He would sit up in a window
Fluffy black and white, he sat
Thinking of who he could be
If he was not just a cat.

It is said that cats have nine lives
What could his turn out to be?
In this life he is a fat, fluffy cat
Too fat to climb a tree…

The Weasel who Caught the Measles –

Shares the lesson of how important it is to get childhood vaccines.