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About Renting Plays & Monologues

~~Renting monlogues and plays~~

There is a delicate balance between community theatre, school, semi-
professional, and professional.  It often pays to read a portion of the play to see
if it fits into your needs.  After doing so, it is customary, and even legally
required to honor copyright laws and pay the author a royalty for the use of his

Sometimes the line is a little blurry, and that might necessitate a conversation
between the author and the theatre.  You’ll find that we’re very good at listening,
and that we do not “hard-line” anything.  Our royalty rates are completely in
keeping with the accepted norm, no more.

Occasionally a theatre or school invites the playwright to attend the opening
performance or even lend his thoughts during rehearsal.  We are open to this, if
schedules and budgets allow.

Royalty rates for monologues, ten-minute plays, one-act plays, and full-length
plays will vary according to use, venue and the length of the play.

If you have further questions, I recommend emailing me specifically, and I’ll
respond asap.  Please put PLAY INQUIRY in the subject line, so that my mail
program does not think your note is spam.

Please email me at:  info@garyyoungunlimited dot com

For your convenience, I have a toll-free phone number as well, but it is hard
to catch me:  866-238-2840.


Within these pages, you will find a true example of  a person with ADD.

This is an eclectic mix of original plays, short stories, novels,
monologues, and self-help books.

The plays and monologues are available for perusal and rent,
for regional theatre, community theatre, or schools.
The monologues are especially good for schools.

I am also an actor, director, and teacher, so you can
contact me if you need a little help or counseling with the plays.

The books and stories are available for perusal and purchase.

I am also available to help you with writing and publishing questions.

The one-person show, ON HOLD: The MYTH of Male Maturity
will have its west coast premier soon –
the word “soon” being a relative term, maybe “soonish” is a better word.

I hope you find something here that touches you.


Gary Young

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If you have any questions,
please contact me at info@garyyoungunlimited dot com
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