ON HOLD: the MYTH of Male Maturity

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ON HOLD: the MYTH of Male Maturity

Maturity is not earned.  It is not genetically pre-determined.  It is not a product of upbringing or environment.  In fact, as far as guys are concerned, it isn’t anything at all.  At least, it’s not something to get in the way of having a good time.  We’re here for a reason…or not…but regardless, there are a few basic facts that you can take to the bank:

A nose is a very convenient place to park a finger.  But never do that in traffic while you’re text messaging.

Most food can be eaten if dropped on the floor and retrieved within 5 seconds (long count).  Blowing off the floor stuff is optional.

If your father seems mature, it’s because he needs to be that way in front of you.  But it’s better if he’s not.

Your experiences do matter.  They inform you.  But they don’t have to ruin your fun.  Take for example…well, that’s what the play is about.

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Excerpt from ON HOLD